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Witness7 08-20-2013 05:12 PM

1998 Mercury Tracer LS
I have a couple of problems that I hope someone can help me with, First one is the Radio quit working, and the fuse for the Radio is ok I checked it... The second one is my transmitter to lock the doors and open the trunk no longer is working... changed the battery in transmitter with new one, still does not work.... I then found out how to go about resetting the transmitter, According to what I read using the ignition switch from Lock to Run 8 times within 10 seconds... and then the locks are suppose to automatically lock and unlock.... Well mine does not do anything at all.... There is a lock fuse and it is good I can push the button and the door locks and unlocks... But when I try what was suggested on different sites to reset it mine does nothing at all... does not lock nor unlock automatically after turning key from Lock to Run 8 times...?............ I do not know if what I did happen to do something to both Radio and what ever it is that controls it to where when you use the key it causes it to lock and unlock are not... The car battery went dead the other day so I used battery cables jumping off the car from another car but I hooked the negative to postive and postive to negative for a few seconds, it sparked and I realized I did not have them on right.... could I have blown the radio? and what could I of done to cause the transmitter not to be able to reset using the key to reset it 8 times?

Thank you I hope someone can advise me what to do...

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