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99 mystique, clean gas lines?

Old 12-12-2008, 07:50 PM
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I''ve had this car for about 5 years. 3 years ago I got a truck as i work in construction, and a sedan isn''t feasible. last year, i was moving out of my apt, and had to move the car, I jumped it, it ran fine until i pulled the cables off. easy fix, gave the battery full charge, changed the alternator, good to go. I moved it to my shop, (metal fab) where it has sat for the last year. Now I''m trying to sell it, my wife is pregnant and I''d rather have cash than a car in my yard.
Here''s the problem:
I had to jump it again, no suprise. it would turn over, but it wouldn''t fire up. Sprayed starter fluid in the intake. runs great. . . on starter fluid. there''s no pressure at the fuel rail.
I can''t hear the pump prime, but it''s noisy where the car is located, so I don''t know if it works. I reset it, checked the relays, did all the crap the manual suggests. I''m wondering, since it''s basically been sitting for 3 years (with a full tank of gas) could any buildup have settled and be clogging the lines? can i take an air compressor and put it on the fuel rail, blast it out? I''m not a mechanic, don''t yell at me for a stupid question. How does one clean the injectors? If I do have to replace the pump, is it inline or in the tank? or maybe the fuel filter? I don''t want to put alot of money in the car just to sell it, was hoping to sell it to a mechanic, but I don''t think thats going to happen. Also, while working on it, I seem to have locked the keys in it. ha. anyway to get that out without a locksmith?
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if you know how to use a slim jim, you can unbend an old wire hanger and unlock the door.

as for the fuel supply problem... I''d change the fuel filter first. You may also have to drain the fuel tank and put new gas in it since the stuff that''s trying to be pumped is probably more like tar while the stuff at the top of the tank is probably like 130 octane. and since the pumps suck from the bottom of the tank, that''s probably your issue. You should also clear the lines before putting it all back together. if you disconnect the metering valve connected to the fuel rails, you should be able to use the air compressor trick without issue. you do need some place for the air to escape without issue, otherwise nothing will happen. After you get everything purged and the fuel lines all back where they go and some fresh gas, you should probably just run some fuel system cleaner through it to help clean the injectors (assuming it all works at this point). it will also help clean out the pump of anything that''s built up in it. hopefully nothing is totally clogged and just some new gas will help.
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thanks. I''m going to check the fuel filter as soon as I get my keys out
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The fuel pump is in the tank just under the passenger
side of the rear seat. You should be able to hear of
feel it hum for a second when you turn the key to the ON

Since the car has been sitting for a while, I suspect
the pump is not responding. A rap on the top of the
pump cover may get the moving parts spinning again.
Don''t overdo it as you don''t want to damage the cover or
surrounding components. I''ve had more than one electric
motor come back to life after it''s been sitting a while
- including fuel pumps, starters, and most recently a
windshield washer pump in a Town Car.
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