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cougar troubles

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thanks in advance

sorry to bother even though i do not know you i have read many posts and talked to others and they said mmaybe ask u i am lost and any and all info will be greatly appreciated or a point in the right direction
thanks a ton in advance
hello i have a 94 cougar xr7 3.8v6 it has barely 100,000 miles it drove fine next day get in and it idles all irratically and what not and the check engine light comes on so i had the car scanned it read code 173 right side o2 sensor reads rich and it sounded like it was missing and really sluggish low rpms and i smelled raw fuel so i replaced all plugs wire cap rotor fuel filter ect the middle plug on right side was all fouled out and covered in oil and smelled like oil and raw fuel so i replaced them all it starts and a lot of the miss went away but i still after 2 dyas of driving since new smell raw fuel just had it rescanned after leaving battery out for days and now it has both o2 sensors indicate rich those are the only 2 codes it pulls and it is going through gas llike its leaking it but its no leaking a drop what could the issue be? its gotta be either its just getting too much fuel or not enough spark to ignite all the fule where should i start what should i do i am a terrible typer i apologize but its not timming cause in upper rpms the car is fine r the o2 sensors clogged or bad would that cause it the car fires right up and still drives just bogs down low and wastes tons of gas ect please give me any help or point me in the right direction i am desperaste and have work and kids to take to school ect any help would be great thanks a ton !or maybe a bad coil?clogged catylitic converter?ignition module? it aso smells like raw fuel out of the tail pipe so i went through i found i had a vacumn leak and replaced the line i replaced all vacumn lines i then drove it thinking i fixed it then i smelled fuel again and pulled middle plug on passenger side it was fouled out and smelled and wet with gas it sucks down gas can go through full tank esasy in a day light driving itd s not pysically leaking at high rpm it drives fine the check engoine light comes on stays on for a min or two then goes odff for like 5 on and off again its got a 173 and a 176 right and left o2 sensors indicate rich condition it has a tune up and i am completely lost why just one plug is fouling out and then it ats sluggish and hesitateds off the line or from idle it starts fine though right up in fact at idle after coming off highway it smokes really bad a light blue smoke that smells of raw fuel and makes my eyes water thats about the best i can describe it i was gonna run a comnpression test or check timing bu i doubt either is the actual cause but i jhave asked others and u seem to be the master thanks a ton i am completely lost i have tried what i thought could it be clogged cats? any and all help would be great its sooo expensive and annoying to drive and i have a family and money is tight thanks again
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